100% Indsamlet og Genanvendt Bæredygtig aluminium

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  • Skrevet november 18, 2016

100% Indsamlet og Genanvendt Bæredygtig aluminium - November 2016

Purso starts a product line for recycled aluminium

Purso Greenline. The production line guarantees that only recycled raw material is used for production. Material recycling is environmentally friendly and only consumes 5% of the energy used to produce so-called primary aluminium. Energy savings, recyclability and environmental values communicate the customer’s commitment to responsibility in their operations. All the while improving the customer’s own recycling rate. Aluminium is an excellent material in terms of recycling, as it retains its quality.

Certified recycling.
Customers receive the PursoGreenline certificate, along with their order proving that the customer’s products only utilise completely recycled aluminium. The customer may use the certificate in their marketing.

”The Purso Group environmental system aims at producing a minimal environmental load by employing the principles of sustainable development. To prove our commitment, we heat our factory and anodizing production processes with renewable bio-energy”, Managing Director Jussi Aro says.

Innovativ partner i aluminium og facadeløsninger

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