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Setting new Standards

Exclusive facade solutions in any design

Nordisk Profil A/S is a specialist in facade solutions and manufacturer of patented Danish facade systems that enhance architectural freedom and set new standards for facades.

Our foundation is simple: Let your imagination guide and create something extraordinary!

stylish facade cladding for all types of new construction or renovation

The basic idea behind Nordisk Profil's complete facade solutions is stylish, simple and modular systems in exclusive quality, that contribute to sustainable, climate-friendly and fire-safe construction.

The facade systems are all unique tailor-made solutions with 'freedom to choose'. This means that it is possible to adapt a desired facade solution to the building without compromising on design and functionality. With a solution from Nordisk Profil, it is never the building that frames the solution, but the solution that makes the building unique, with the most beautiful result.

Nordisk Profil is a manufacturer and supplier of lamellae facades for all types of new construction and renovation. Regardless of the type of construction, the possibilities are many and flexible.

The list of facade category deliveries ranges from large parking garages, educational institutions and hospitals to hotels, domiciles, shops and more. We also deliver beautiful lamellae solutions for shielding technology, bicycle sheds and anything else that needs to be concealed in a presentable way.

See all our supplied facade categories here.

slatted cladding for parking garages

Parking garages are one of the facade categories that stand out from the crowd in our deliveries.

We have extensive experience in delivering complete facade solutions for parking garages and offer unique systems that can meet all kinds of design wishes and, not least, applicable safety requirements. Nordisk Profil is also a distributor of the recognized safety protection, Integra-pw, which has been tested and passed in installation with our facade systems. Read more about safety protection here.

See some of the facade projects that have been built with wooden and aluminum lamellae and some in combination with other facade components . We guarantee quality-assured and environmentally friendly solutions and professional collaboration from idea to installed facade.

Great solution for Technology Shielding

There are things you don't want to look at, and there are things that need to be protected in different ways.
When it comes to technical installations (such as ventilation), various equipment, accesses that need to be locked, waste and bicycle sheds, storage shelters or anything else that needs to be "hidden", we have the safe and well-executed solution.

We call it technical shielding, which covers a wide range of all types of desired shielding in both wood and aluminium.

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