Napsu alufacade

Patented Danish facade system with aluminium lamellas mounted on an aluminium structure

Napsu is a system where architecture and functionality go hand in hand. It can be tailored and customised exactly as desired without compromising architectural freedom.

The basic idea behind Napsu is a simple, easy and modular system in exclusive quality that contributes to climate-friendly and future-proof construction.

The slats are designed in optional lengths and variable cc spacing and are installed horizontally, vertically or as a ceiling and roof. This gives 'freedom of choice' and allows the façade solution to adapt to the building and not the other way around.

Whatever your wishes and needs, we provide a complete solution and ensure that the facade design is completed according to the architectural and structural requirements.

We provide professional advice and guidance on the solution, design and construction requirements that are crucial to the success of your facade project.

Only creativity sets the limit for a Napsu facade cladding!

100% collected and recyclable aluminium

Maintenance free

No visible screws

Built-in thermal movement

Unlimited design freedom

Quick and easy installation

Modular system

The open facade system

Napsu is a facade solution with clean, sharp lines, fast installation, long life and sustainable documentation.

It is an open facade system, just like Woodfac Click. However, the difference is that Napsu is a facade solution with aluminium panels instead of wood.

The open system provides a fine view of the building's load-bearing facade, which makes it possible to compose a living architecture, created through light, shadows, materials and design.

The system offers corner solutions, various cover profiles, solutions for curved facades and reinforcement profiles that enable a large free span both horizontally and vertically.

Napsu is also an ideal system for technical shielding. It is both attractive and practical, and the flexible design of the lamellae makes it possible to achieve different degrees of shielding. Find out more here.

Simple installation

Napsu is like playing with lego!

Simply attach mounting rails to the load-bearing facade and then simply click the aluminium panels into place.

Thermal movement

Thermal movement on a building's facade refers to the natural expansion and contraction that materials experience in response to changes in temperature.

Thermal movement is integrated into all our facade solutions, allowing the individual components of the systems to move individually in relation to each other. This ensures that there are no internal stresses, strains or structural damage in both individual components and as an overall facade solution.


We only use certified Greenline Aluminium.

Greenline Aluminium is made from 100% collected and recycled aluminium, and uses only 5% of the energy used to produce primary aluminium.

Aluminium is extremely malleable, which means we can manufacture custom-made lamellae, profiles and components for each individual project.

Simple installation

Thermal movement


Parking garages

Napsu is particularly suitable for cladding parking garages.

The open and design-free facade system makes it easy to give parking garages a certain wow effect. We offer solutions that support great architectural designs and match their surroundings.

Parking garages can look stunning and can be designed with any of our systems and in combination with cladding other than lamellae.

We also provide safety barriers for parking garages that protect both people and collisions with one solution. Read more about this here.

Technical screening

Hide and protect and make it presentable!

Napsu is ideal for all types of screening and can be set up in any design you want.

Nordisk Profil supplies shielding for many different purposes such as technical installations, various equipment, waste and bicycle sheds, depot shielding or anything else that needs to be hidden and perhaps locked.

See some of the projects we've supplied screens for. There are many options for all kinds of screens. Read more here.

Attention to detail

The level of detail on an installed facade is crucial for a beautiful, unique and sharp look.

At Nordisk Profil, we focus on providing our customers with an exclusive facade solution that inspires enthusiasm in the choice of materials, design and function. The lamellae are carefully selected and must meet our strict requirements, so only the best are installed.

Another special feature of facades from Nordisk Profil is the installation, which is completely without visible screws. This gives the facade a clean and crisp look that is not spoiled by drill holes in the beautiful wooden lamellae.

Freedom to choose

The diversity, variety and unique architectural designs of buildings add vibrancy and excitement to the cityscape.

Nordisk Profil wants to contribute to this development by offering flexible and complete facade solutions that, with its suspension system, make it possible to create combination facades with a varied expression and design.

Napsu can be combined with partial solutions and combined with, for example, perforated sheets, expanded metal, trapezoidal sheets, profile sheets, etc. Likewise, all lamellae can be installed vertically, horizontally and as curved facades. This gives a very soft and organic look.

It's 'freedom to choose' and freedom to create the most unique facades.

Low carbon footprint and unique lifespan

Nordisk Profil has the only sustainable facade system on the market with certified sustainable Greenline Aluminium.

We provide Greenline certificates and EPD reports that document low climate footprint and the best EPD values on the market. This guarantees sustainable construction.

Greenline Aluminium is produced from 100% collected and recycled aluminium and uses only 5% of the energy used to produce primary aluminium.

Aluminium facades require no maintenance and have a life expectancy of +70 years. However, the actual lifespan of aluminium is unknown, as 75% of all aluminium produced is still in use and more than 50% is still in its first form.

Lightweight and robust facade

Aluminium is a very lightweight material and has an impressive strength-to-wall ratio compared to many other structural metals such as steel and other materials.

This means that our lamellae, profiles and components are both lightweight and robust, which is an advantage on facades where weight reduction can be important and, not least, an advantage when the facade solution needs to be handled, transported and installed.

Aluminium is also naturally corrosion-resistant, making it ideal for outdoor facade solutions, as aluminium does not degrade over time. As much as 70% of all aluminium produced is still in its first version.

Should we design?

It's crucial to get off to a good start before construction begins. The design process should be seen as the first and most important building blocks of the construction project - and you can leave those building blocks safely and risk-free to Nordisk Profil.

You are guaranteed specialist project planning and professional advice from idea to installed and completed facade.

Read more here.


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