security protection for parking garages

Integra-pw is the innovative system that can be combined with our facade systems

INTEGRA-pw is a patented and recognized safety protection for primarily parking garages.

With just one solution, it is possible to set up a system that protects both people and vehicle collisions. In practice, this means that it is not necessary or required to use conventional protection in the form of crash barriers or similar.

Uniquely, INTEGRA-pw offers a free post span of up to 7806 mm, so no additional protection is required.

In the event of a collision, this system guarantees that the resulting loads are relieved (transferred) to the load-bearing structure.

INTEGRA-pw is tailored to each parking garage and with great design freedom, as it can be installed horizontally, vertically and on inclined areas.  

In many ways, it's the innovative and optimal choice for safety and protection. 

Three systems in one solution

Modular and tailoured system

Simple installation 

Only horizontal joints without drilling in pavement

System height of 943 mm and 1143 mm  

Single elements up to a maximum of 5506 mm 

Absorbs a person load of 1.5 kN/m  

Meets the requirements according to. EN 1991-1-7 and EN1991-1-1

DIBt - general technical approval


Nordisk Profil has completed and passed the dynamic impact test with INTEGRA-pw in accordance with EN 1991-1-7.

All our facade components, in both wood and aluminum, which in the test were mounted directly to the safety barrier with U-shaped fastening profiles, remained intact and did not loosen in the simulation of a vehicle collision.

Thus, Nordisk Profil has documented proof that our façade systems can be combined with INTEGRA-pw and withstand the impact of a worst-case collision.


With INTEGRA-pw, parking garages get optimal protection with just one system. INTEGRA-pw is tailor-made for each parking garage and offers great design freedom as it can be installed horizontally, vertically and on inclined areas.

The system meets DIBt, which is a general technical approval with approval number Z-14.7-882. As well as meeting all European standards for impact loads acc. EN 1991-1-7 and EN 1991-1-1.

It is developed as a modular system, making it easy to expand and adjust seamlessly to future needs. Likewise, it is quite simple to set up and thus contributes to minimizing installation costs.

INTEGRA-pw offers various solutions, which you can get an overview of in the link below with technical drawings. Pay attention to the load requirements of the structure as the decisive criterion for product selection.

combine design and security to create beautiful parking garages

Facade systems from Nordisk Profil can be combined with INTEGRA-pw.

Instead of leaving the safety barrier visible, the architectural expression of a parking garage will be enhanced if the facade is clad with a Woodfac Click or Napsu facade solution.

Regardless of the choice of facade solution, all systems are installed directly on the security railing. The installation does not require a substructure, but is installed directly on the railing. The simple installation and no extra elements help keep costs down.

Nordisk Profil has special expertise in the construction of parking garages, where innovative and environmentally friendly facade cladding is required.

We offer solutions that support beautiful architectural designs and match their surroundings. Parking garages can look incredibly attractive and can be designed with all our systems and in combination with cladding other than slats.

See some of our projects and contact us for more information. We have extensive experience with parking garages of all sizes and are your professional partner for solutions that have never been seen before.