eco-friendly & functional facade cladding

PATENTED DANISH FACADE SYSTEM WITH beautiful lamellae in a bespoke design

Nordisk Profil specializes in creating modular and project-customized facade cladding for all types of new construction and renovation. With 30 years of experience, we take pride in creating tailor-made and unique facades that break the urban landscape, with special attention to solutions that take the environment into account and meet the fire safety requirements of the construction industry.

With our innovative approach to design and functionality, we can help you create a building facade that is not only visually impressive, but also climate-friendly and functional. We offer a flexible concept that makes it possible to adapt the facade solution to the building project and not the other way around! In practice, this means that all wishes for a facade can be fulfilled and executed with a facade system from Nordisk Profil.

A complete aesthetic facade system

Nordisk Profil offers complete aesthetic and design-assured facade systems that can give your building a unique and inspiring expression.

We work both with facade cladding in wood and aluminium.

We understand the importance of adding variety to modern architecture and have developed various facade cladding systems that can complement the design and style of buildings.

Our cladding solutions break away from traditional cityscapes and brings modern and divergent visual expressions to building facades. Whether you want a minimalist and more stringent facade solution in aluminium or a more natural and organic look in wood, our team can help you realize your vision.


Woodfac is the sustainable and fire-resistant facade choice, and the "right" choice when you also want a unique and maintenance-free facade with beautiful wooden lamellae. Woodfac can be installed with lamellae in many wood types, but can also be installed with lamellae that are pre-patinated before installation in a patinated look.


Napsu is an open facade solution in aluminium with a great view of the building's load-bearing structure. The facade system can be designed without limitations, and lamellae can be installed horizontally, vertically or as a ceiling. They can also be coloured in all RAL and NCS colours, as well as in a wide range of colours with varying gloss levels.


Alufac is your facade choice if you want an aluminium facade that acts as a closed climate screen and protects the building from weathering. It's a great choice if architectural freedom is in high demand, and a building needs to be broken up with a light and expressive facade with aluminium panels. Both the aluminium lamella and profile are Greenline Aluminium, which is the most sustainable choice.


INTEGRA-pw is a patented and recognized security protection system primarily for parking garages. With Integra-pw you get 2 systems in one solution that meets the requirements of EN 1991-1-7. EN 1991-1-7. INTEGRA-pw is tailoured to each parking garage and can be installed horizontally, vertically and on inclined areas.





Protect your building with fire-resistant and environmentally friendly cladding

Nordisk Profil cladding is made from environmentally friendly and durable materials that are designed to withstand the Nordic climate conditions.

They ensure good air circulation and ventilation, which prevents moisture build-up and generally provides a healthy facade that can 'breathe'. Similarly, all our systems are designed for thermal movement, allowing all components to move individually in relation to each other.

Choose Nordisk Profil and experience the benefits of an environmentally friendly, fire-resistant and maintenance-free facade cladding that doesn't compromise on quality. Our passion for innovative and future-proof design and our commitment to environmentally and brand-documented solutions ensures that you get an exclusive, long-lasting facade cladding with a high quality stamp of approval.

Contact us today if you want to learn more and get advice for your next project. We engage in a dialog from idea to possible installed facade and can be your sparring partner at all levels.

See examples of selected projects with wood and aluminium facades.

your specialist in parking garages

Nordisk Profil has special expertise in the construction of parking garages, where innovative and sustainable facade cladding is required.

We offer solutions that support great architectural designs and match their surroundings. Parking garages can look incredibly attractive and can be designed with all our systems and in combination with cladding other than lamellae.

See some of our projects and contact us for more information. We have extensive experience with parking garages of all sizes. We are your professional partner who can also create solutions that have not yet been seen, but that you want.