The Boulevard House

Architect: Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects

Facade system: Napsu

Nordisk Profil has delivered aluminium shutters for Boulevardhuset in Frederiksberg.

The shutter system is adjustable and can be used to block out the sun while contributing to the visual appeal of the house.

For this, the Napsu facade system was chosen, which is our facade solution in 100% collected and recycled Greenline Aluminium.

Napsu is a so-called open facade system with views of the building's load-bearing facade. This provides ample opportunity to create exciting architectural designs through light, shadow, material selection and lamella placement.

An aluminium enamel can be powder coated in a myriad of RAL and NCS colors and in varying gloss levels. It is also possible to combine with other materials. This gives you complete design freedom to create the facade that best matches its surroundings.