Vallensbæk Stationstorv

Architect: Norconsult Architecture

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Back in 2017, Vallensbæk Stationstorv was expanded with new apartment blocks, amoungst other things.

Skovhus Arkitekter also designed new apartments, which were built with Nordisk Profil's Woodfac Panel facade system.

Woodfac Panel is a facade solution with proven, high-quality, sustainable and fire-resistant materials.

It is also a system with optional wooden lamellae, which here are mounted on the outside of the load-bearing concrete facade. The lamellae act as a building envelope and protect the building from weather influences.

A key advantage of the facade system is the optional design and a solution that includes variable single, double and corner panels with punched holes for facade screws that are hidden when the panels are clipped together.

A wide range of accessory profiles are available for finishing and framing doors, windows (glazing profiles) and other facade elements.