ECCO's Global Marketing

Architect: Ravn Architecture

Facade system: Woodfac Click & Woodfac Panel

A few years ago, ECCO built their new Global Marketing building in Tønder, Denmark.

It is an architectural gem that takes its inspiration from the original marsh farm roof volumes and their flat horizons. Read more about the thinking behind the building on the website of Ravns Arkitektur , who designed the building.

For this beautiful building, Nordisk Profil has delivered both of our wood facade solutions; Woodfac Click and Woodfac Panel.

Click is the "open" system where lamella are placed facing the load-bearing facade of the building. Panel, on the other hand, is a closed facade system that acts as a climate screen and protects the building.

The lamellae are made from cedar wood, which is naturally quite resistant to wind and weather. This also means that it does not need to be heat treated for dimensional stability and longevity.

If you choose cedar, it's available in beautiful warm tones ranging from pale yellow to a more reddish character.

Woodfac Click is fitted with 40x40 mm and 40x140 mm lamellae.

Woodfac Panel is installed with 34x34mm lamellae and a c.t.c distance of 70mm.