HEH Horsens Hospital

Architect: Arkitema Architects

Facade system: Woodfac Click

Nordisk Profil has delivered a beautiful Woodfac Click facade with Accoya lamella for Horsens Regional Hospital.

Woodfac Click is the "open" facade system, which means that the load-bearing facade of the building is visible when you look between the installed lamellae.

Depending on the choice of lamella spacing, you can create a beautiful and vibrant architecture that is expressed through light, shadows, materials and of course the design itself.

For this project, the beautiful Accoya lamellae are 34x85 mm wide and installed with two different c.t.c distances of 79.5 mm and 159 mm.

Accoya is an exclusive choice for wood lamellae and has the distinction of being the most sustainable wood choice due to its shorter growth period compared to Thermo pine, for example.