Parkbyen parking garage

Architect: Rambøll Architecture

Facade system: Napsu

Nordisk Profil is a manufacturer and supplier of many parking garages, all of which are designed in beautiful architectural solutions. This makes them a feast for the eyes rather than being large "blocks" that are a nuisance to their surroundings.

Parkbyens parking garage in Aalborg is the third in a series of parking garages in Aalborg that we are behind.

It is a large 5-storey parking garage clad with our Napsu facade system.

Napsu is a system of aluminium panels mounted on an aluminium structure. It is a so-called open system, which means you get a good view of the building's load-bearing facade.

The project is quite a sustainable facade solution, as both the lamellae and the structure are made of Greenline Aluminium, which is 100% collected and recycled aluminium.

A facade with Greenline Aluminium is a climate-friendly and environmentally conscious choice, due to a carbon footprint of only 0.89 kgCO2 per kg aluminium.