Hansenberg Technical Gymnasium

Architect: Langvad Arkitekter

Facade system: Napsu

Nordisk Profil delivered the Napsu facade system for Hansenberg's multi-purpose hall.

The look is distinctive with its wide lamellae measuring 50x205mm and a spacing between them of 600mm.

Napsu is mounted on a special construction that helps support the large span of up to 3500 mm between the fixing points. This construction is also supplied by Nordisk Profil.

The building is a great example of our design-free facade systems, all of which can be designed, constructed and installed as desired. There are no stock items, but each facade is created from scratch, exactly as the customer wants it.

An aluminium lamella can be powder coated in a myriad of RAL and NCS colours and in varying gloss levels, as desired. Here, the lamellae and suspension system are in black, which gives a nice and sharp look.