Architect: Ginnerup Arkitekter

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Frekvensen is an urban development project in Roskilde that houses different housing types and sizes.

The homes have different architectural expressions, for which Nordisk Profil has supplied lamellae for some of the apartment buildings.

The wooden lamellae, chosen here in thermofire, break up the stylish look of the facade and provide a warm contrast to the modern look.

The facade solution is Woodfac Panel, which as a closed building envelope protects the building and with its built-in thermal movement provides a stable and long-lasting solution.

For the Frequency, slats measuring 34x34 mm and set up with a cc distance of 70 mm have been chosen. However, length, spacing and design are optional and have virtually no restrictions.

With Woodfac Panel it is possible to design and install a complete facade solution and provide beautiful finishes and framing around doors, windows or other facade elements.

Please contact us if you are interested in facades with fire safety documentation and modular solutions that can be easily adapted to future needs.