DLG headquarters

Architect: PLH Arkitekter

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

In 2020, DLG moved from Axelborg in Copenhagen to a large new headquarters in Fredericia.

It was named 'Aksen' and with its unique architecture that beautifully matches its surroundings, it was the 2021 winner of the Office Building of the Year award. An architectural gem by PHL Arkitekter.

The large domicile is made up of different materials, but here we would like to highlight the entrance area, which was designed with our Woodfac Panel system.

For the Panel solution, 34x34 mm lamellae have been chosen in thermo-D Ayous wood, which is a beautiful exclusive wood species in brownish and warm shades with an almost knot-free surface.

Thermo treatment increases the dimensional stability, resilience and longevity of the lamellae, as it lowers the moisture content of the wood and breaks down the wood's natural hemicellulose (sugar compounds) content.

With the clean structure of the lamellae and the design freedom of the facade system, it is possible to create an impressive look with a long and stable lifespan.

If you want to know more about a fire-resistant facade solution, please contact us. In addition to producing and delivering products that are fire-technical End Use classification tested, we are also your fire technical sparring partner.