Rigshospitalet in Glostrup

Architect: AART Architects

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Nordisk Profil has delivered two different facade projects for Rigshospitalet in Glostrup.

One, pictured here, is a technical screen on top of one of the buildings. With beautiful cedar lamellae, a presentable solution has been created to shield various technical installations, etc.

The facade systems, Woodfac Panel and Alufac Panel, are particularly suitable for covering and shielding all kinds of installations, for bicycle sheds, external stairwells and other applications that require a protected and attractive facade solution. Read more about technical shielding here.

In addition to delivering for the screening project shown, Nordisk Profil has delivered wooden lamellae to Rigshospitalet's newly opened Bodil Eskesen Center. Here, cedar lamellae were also chosen at and around the entrance area. The wooden lamellae add warmth and contrast nicely with the building's other material choices. See pictures of the facade here.