Architect: Juul Frost Architects

Facade system: Woodfac Click & Napsu

It's not really correct to call it a parking garage. The correct title is "Mobilitetshus Stigsborg", which refers to the fact that it is the next generation of parking garages with a focus on service, features and mobility.

The building is built over 6 floors and has all kinds of parking for private cars, car-sharing cars, bicycles, scooters, etc. On the ground floor there are commercial tenancies, and together they create a good framework for creating life and security around the clock.

The building is constructed with the facade systems Woodfac Click and Napsu.

The wooden lamellae make up the ground floor and provide a warm contrast to the remaining levels, which are built with aluminium lamellae.

Notice the aluminium lamellae, which are arranged in an exciting alternating pattern that creates a beautiful architectural look.

For this facade, wooden lamellae have been chosen in two different widths and lengths: 36x70 and 72x35 mm. The same applies to the aluminium lamellae, which measure 42x42 and 42x93 mm.

The design is 100% optional with the possibility to combine all kinds of material components.

If you want to read more about the mobility house, check it out here.

If you are curious about your options, please contact us for a non-binding, but hopefully inspiring chat.