Bella 3 'Mørchs Hus'

Architect: Urban Agency

Facade system: Napsu

Copenhagen's new residential neighborhood in Ørestaden is called Bellakvarter.

Here, a lot of residential blocks are sprouting up, both private and commercial. Bellakvarter is close to the city, the metro and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

The Bella 3 building project, named 'Mørch's Huset', is an apartment block with a tower house.

The tower house, which consists of sandwich elements, is clad with aluminium panels. The lamellae are chosen in a light anodization, which, together with the dark brick base of the apartment building, creates a nice contrasting building.

The Nordisk Profil lamella system is our sustainable Napsu system. It is designed with two different lamella dimensions (40x100mm and 100x40mm), which helps to create an exciting and eye-catching look.