Architect: COBE

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Copenhagen's new and attractive neighbourhood in the heart of the harbor is called Papirøen. Here you will find 300 homes, including social housing, youth housing, a co-housing community and condominiums, where Copenhagen's most expensive apartment is now located.

The homes are built with the highest quality materials and the 151 owner-occupied homes are sustainability certified at Gold level.

In addition to brick as the main material choice, wood is also a material that is allowed to fill and complete the exclusive look. Inside and out, wood is a recurring theme, and Woodfac Panel plays an important role here.

Woodfac Panel is installed on balconies and acts as a closed building facade that protects the building.

For Papirøen, thermo ash lamellae measuring 34x34mm, have been installed with a c.t.c distance of 70mm.

A special feature of this project is the patination of all lamellae, which are pre-patinated for 6 months before installation. This creates an exclusive and uniform look in shades of gray, which helps to complete the desired architectural style.

Nordisk Profil offers natural pre-patination of optional wooden lamellae and manages the patination process from production start, to installation.