Comwell Hotel Middelfart

Architect: AFRY

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Comwell Middelfart is the second Comwell hotel for which Nordisk Profil is the facade manufacturer.

Parts of the facade are decorated with beautiful fire-impregnated wooden lamellae in thermo ash. Their nut-brown and warm, inviting look contrasts beautifully with the other materials of the facade and complements the hotel's Scandinavian look.

A special detail is the facade's round window, where the lamellae are cut in a razor-sharp section and frame the window in the most beautiful way.

All lamellae are installed without visible screws and with built-in thermal movement. The Thermo-D treatment of the lamellae also helps to ensure that the lamellae absorb less moisture, which increases their dimensional stability and resistance to rot and fungus.

When choosing a fire-resistant facade, it's important to consider passive fire protection. We can guarantee this with a facade solution from Nordisk Profil.

We End Use test and document all our facade solutions according to EN 13501-1 and EN 13823. This means that system solutions used in construction projects are classification tested and approved.

Contact us to find out more - we are also your fire safety partner.