Kornmøllen I4 parking garage

Architect: Studio Sangberg

Facade system: Napsu

In Aalborg you will find 4 parking garages from Nordisk Profil, where aluminium panels, in the form of the Napsu facade system, are the main facade choice.

One of them is Kornmøllen I4, which with its mirrored facade strips and various elements creates quite an exciting expression.

The parking garage is an example of the possibility of integrating other materials, here in the form of brick, which adds a touch of warmth to the large building.

Nordisk Profil has a strong focus on climate-friendly and environmentally conscious products. That's why we guarantee full documentation with the market's EPD values and only use Greenline Aluminium, which consists of 100% collected and recycled aluminum.

Read more about the sustainable lifecycle of our products here.