Architect: Sofie Overgaard

Facade system: Woodfac Panel

Wood lamellae, to a greater or lesser extent, can add aesthetic appeal to new builds and renovations.

A good example of the beautiful use of wood in a new development is Syrenhaven in Havdrup. Here, the terraced houses are clad and decorated with pine lamellae, which contrasts beautifully with the modern, funky style of the homes in gray brick.

Woodfac Panel was chosen for the homes, which acts as a closed building envelope and protects the building. The lamellae measure 34x34 mm and are installed with a c.t.c distance of 70 mm.

A special feature of a facade system from Nordisk Profil is the simple installation without visible screws and with built-in thermal movement. Similarly, the Thermo-D treatment of the lamellae helps ensure that the lamellae absorb less moisture, which increases their dimensional stability and resistance to rot and fungus.

The lamellae patinate beautifully over time in shades of gray. However, if you wish to patinate the lamellae in a uniform appearance before installation, this is also possible. Nordisk Profil offers natural pre-patination of optional wooden lamellae and manages the patination process from production start to finish.